Wednesday, September 1, 2010

River Island do Josh Goot Robot Dress

River Island have copied Josh's robot dress almost within an inch of its life from the mesh panelling to an almost exact colour.
Having worked with Josh I have mixed emotions towards River Islands contribution, anger that nothing can no longer be original but on the flipside copying is the biggest form of flatttery and may well get Josh some well deserved exposure.
Although lacking in quality and percision River Island have managed a  good take on an amazing dress

Wish List

This fab velvet jacket by Clara Bella Traynor is to die for. Hand made to perfection. I just love the dramatic shoulder details. The Collection; Opus OF wE whO are noT AS OtherS in its entirety is divine, luxurious and one of a kind. The Collection also features one off prints and exquisite embroidery.